Meet The Gulldashians

18 May 2017

Meet our new bloggers - THE GULLDASHIANS. Discover more about these exciting new characters.

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Samantha loses a diamond!

24 May 2017

Uh-oh! Samantha loses a ring and she thinks she knows who has taken it!

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World Oceans Day

08 June 2017

Karina only wants the best on World Oceans Day, unfortunately she will have to ask for what she wants ...

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There's lots to do on Brighton Palace Pier this Summer!

21 June 2017

Kully finds out that there is going to be a new pizza parlour on Brighton Palace Pier but the girls are too concerned about Ascot to care ... Or are they?

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Summer Holiday

29 July 2017

The Gulldashians decide to go on their annual holiday but can't decide on their destination!

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