“Where was our invite?” Karina barked! “I can’t believe the new Horatio’s Bar has opened and we haven’t even been invited to the grand opening.”

I held my head in my wings and shook it, exasperatedly.

“There wasn’t a grand opening!” I said. “They’ve literally just opened the doors today!”

“Samantha, my seagull friends have been telling me all about it!” Karina continued, oblivious to her sister. “All the stars were there … Steven Seagull, Judi Finch, Russell Crow!”

To be honest, there had been a grand opening but I was busy that evening getting my claws painted so I couldn’t go and it slipped my mind to tell my sister.

I had decided to meet Karina at Horatio’s Bar and check out the new venue. Although my sister was acting dramatically, we still popped our beaks inside to get a peak. The features were notable; the long walls had been replaced with glass doors so you gained a spectacular view of the coast and of Brighton and the high tables were perfect for afternoon meetings.

“They’ve got fancy new tables!” Karina said “Oh, and they’ve kept our special booth by the window – just look at the view … !”

The décor was green and white, which was extremely calming on the nerves. The renovation was glamourous! It was a new year; out with the old and in with the new! The ceiling was woven with thick boat rope, into an intricate and indulgent pattern. It reminded you that wherever you looked you couldn’t escape where you were – over the sea. It is fabulous!

Tony, the barman, bought our cocktails over and, after looking at the fantastic new menu, our food swiftly followed. There had been so much to choose from: chicken breast with BBQ sauce, Whitby scampi and homemade vegetarian lasagne. In the end, I settled on the classic burger in a brioche bun, served with fries, whilst Karina had a large Prosciutto Di Parma Con Feta pizza.

“I’m watching my figure,” Karina said, beaking down three pieces at once. “So, I’m only having something small!” Karina said.

Tony was so nice that day, he complimented me on my dress as he left.

“Why, thank you, Tony!” I replied, awkwardly looking over at Samantha, who was fuming that she never received a compliment herself.

“MY dress is new!” she shouted, as Tony walked off.

Tony stopped and returned to the table.

“Why, yes, I noted that,” he said. “I was just going to go and get you a complimentary drink for the prettiest bird in this place!” Tony winked at me as he turned and walked away but not before he shouted over his shoulder, “You look as beautiful as Judi Finch! … She was here the other night!”

I closed my eyes, knowing she was about to explode.

“I knew there was grand opening!” Karina screamed.

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