“Suntan lotion?”




It was early morning and I was preparing for our annual holiday and I had assigned myself the role as chief organiser, although we hadn’t decided where we would be going yet.

“I think that’s everything,” said Karina, whilst sitting on top of her bulging suitcase and forcing it shut. “I do think I need another pair of shoes to go with my green ballgown though.”

Kully threw his head back, exasperated, and put his wing to his forehead.

“You’ve already packed fourteen pairs of shoes!” Kully sighed.

“We still don’t know where we are going,” Samantha said, whilst polishing her ring with her feathers.

Like a lightning bolt, an idea struck me.

“Why don’t we take a walk down the Pier and look around to get some inspiration?”

“What a great idea!” Karina said, jumping off her creaking suitcase which threatened to explode open. “I love a walk down the pier and I’m sure the paparazzi won’t be around at this time of the morning.”

We made our way to the Dome and had a look inside. The Palace Play was quite large and the children were running around like adventurers.

“We could go to the Amazonian rain forest,” Kully said, suddenly. “Or Africa! … I’ve always wanted to go exploring!”

The girls’ mouths dropped open.

“I beg your pardon,” Karina said. “I’m not going anywhere where I can’t get a latte!”

Sidestepping from that idea we left the Palace Play area and walked outside to spot the new Palace Pizza parlour.

“How about Italy?” I asked.

“No, no, no,” Karina said. All my exes are Italian. “I’m bound to bump into one of them!”

We then passed the Simply Mexican kiosk.

“How about South America!” Samantha declared! “Rio! Mexico! Brazil!”

“It’s too far!” Karina sighed. “We need to be able to come back at short notice. I can’t disappoint my fans!”

As Karina dramatically clutched her forehead we all continued to walk down the pier. We made our way through the Palace of Fun and the idea was obvious

“VEGAS!” Kully shouted. “Winnings games, competitions … jewellery”

“No,” Samantha said. “I’m not going anywhere without a beach!”

This was getting exhausting. We walked to the forecourt to try and forage for a final idea. The new fried ice cream unit was open and another option seemed doable.

“I know that there wouldn’t be a beach but how about somewhere cold, like the Antarctic?” Kully said.

“I’m not going to even grace you with an answer!” Karina said, walking away.

We all sat in the forecourt exhausted. Where could we all go where we could get everything we wanted!

“The only place we’re going to get everything we want is here!” I said, thinking out loud. “… So why don’t we move our nest to another spot on the Pier and pretend we’re on vacation here! We have Italy, the jungle, South America, The Antarctic ... and we have free deck chairs for us to relax in!

“Brilliant idea,” everybody said in unison!

“Come on everyone,” Karina said. "Let’s celebrate with a Seaside Celebration meal in Palm Court!”

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