Yesterday, we had the most fantastic day, and it wasn’t even Friday. I was scouting out the talent for my new label – GREAT – when I saw it! I flew down to speak to the other Gulldashians at The Nest but they were all getting ready to fly to Ascot. Samantha was trying on a new hat and Karina was adjusting her dress.

“They’re building a brand new pizza palace at the top of Brighton Palace Pier!” I said.

“We can’t stop to talk. We have to get ready,” said Samantha, checking her reflection in the mirror.

“Ascot, darling! The Queen’s going to be there! We have to look our best!” Karina cawed, waving her feathers at me and trying to shoo me away.

“Why do you want to go to Ascot?” I asked. “We’ve lots of things going on here!”

“Like what?” Samantha said.

“Well there’s the Pier To Pier swim on Saturday 22 July, then we’ve a Carnival Day on Sunday 23 July, with live samba bands – there’ll be Caribbean cocktails too! Not to mention Fantastic Fridays in June, where you can buy a wristband for the rides for only £7 between 3pm and 8pm, and the fact that there is a new Mini Market opening at the forecourt of Brighton Palace Pier. And to top this all off there will be live entertainment, Summer in the City, from the end of July all the way through to the end of August! ... Plus there's a fried ice cream unit opening and, as I said before, a new pizza parlour!”

“But I want the chance to place a bet!” Karina cawed.

I looked at them. I didn’t understand why they were being so obviously forgetful.

“But we have the best race-course in Brighton! The Dolphin Derby!” I said. “Why go to Ascot?”

“Yes, but the Queen, darling! The Queen will be there!”

It was at that point that Giselle poked her head into the nest.

“Ah, Giselle” I began. “How would you like to be royalty for the day?”

We staged our own Ascot that day. We dressed Giselle up as our Queen and each made bets on the Dolphin Derby! Suffice to say, a lot of the other birds were quite jealous!

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