“You know me, I’ll eat anything …” Samantha squawked, “as long as it’s gluten free, vegetarian, kind to dolphins and kittens, fragrance free and approved by Her Majesty The Queen!”

We’d been invited to pre-meet the kitchen team of Palm Court Restaurant and, more importantly, try out samples from the new menu - but Karina was kicking up a bit of a fuss. I of course eat most things. Ask any of the public on the Pier … I take it mostly from them!

“Well, look here, Karina” I said, cutting through her argument. “They do have vegetarian options, right here – vegetarian lasagne, and breaded and fried halloumi, greek salad and lots more!”

“Oooo!” Giselle squeaked, glancing at the menu. “They have steak pie, calamari and traditional fish and chips!”

“Waiter,” Karina called. “This all sounds amazing. I’ll try it all!”

“What about what you just said – about it being gluten free, and kind to dolphins?” I asked her.

“Oh, that’s just what my PR Manager told me to say,” Karina squeaked before sticking her beak in the homemade fisherman’s pie!

See the new Palm Court menu, here ...

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