Can you believe this, darlings! You have to ask for a straw now if you want one! it’s unbelievable! Initially I was quite annoyed but I soon changed my mind!

It all started when I woke up from my beautiful satin-lined nest, stretched my feathers and, hungry as I was, thought I would go for an exquisite Seaside Celebration Meal at Palm Court.

I managed to get there early and on opening the door instantly shaded my face hiding from awaiting photographers, exclaiming, “No photos! No photos please!” Obviously the paparazzi had adopted more cunning techniques at getting pictures from me as they were nowhere to be seen.

Taking my usual seat I expected the waiter to bring me my favourite tipple as before – a large Pimms with two straws for me – but when he arrived with it I was very disappointed.

“What’s this!” I said, slightly shaking with anger.

“It’s your drink, madam”

“Straw!” I snapped.

The kind young man, with whom I was quite firm, then told me of a new initiative where WE have to ask for a plastic straw or a plastic lid to cut down on wastage, as part of World Oceans Day.

Didn’t they know who I was! A world-famous model asking for their own straws!

Shortly after, the waiter brought me my straw and my Seaside Celebration Meal and I was just about to start when my brother Kully flew through an open window with his beak wrapped in plastic. I was shocked at this heartless and cruel thing that someone had done to him.

I was wrong about to assume that he had been attacked. As I unwrapped the plastic from his beak he told me that he had dived into his private swimming arena, near the West Pier, only to come out covered in rubbish. As an international model, you have to know when to take a stand. We spent the rest of the day cleaning up the sea area close to the West Pier. I guess that plastic wastage affects all of us and we need to act now to do something about it.

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