What's On | Brighton Pier

What's On

From live entertainment, to superhero days, firework displays and music festivals, we’ve got the lowdown on everything going on. Why not tie in an event with a visit to Brighton Pier for a weekend packed to the rafters with fun.

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We don’t have an event going on in this month, but with so much going on at Brighton Pier, there's still plenty of reasons to come and visit us!

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6 Weeks of Summer in the City: John Crampton
Jul 29th 2017

Join us on the 29th of July for some top-quality blue grass and blues by the phenomenal musician John Crampton. John has been described as an orchestra of sound and will really get Horatio's Family Bar jumping!

Horatio's Family Bar, 15:00

6 Weeks of Summer in the City: Nina & Slyde
Aug 5th 2017

Join funky duo Nina & Slyde in Horatio's Family Bar, where they will cover a wide range of music from soul and rock to pop and blues!

Horatio's Family Bar, 15:00

Fireworks - Pride: Brighton & Hove
Aug 6th 2017

Brighton Palace Pier will be proudly supporting the annual Pride: Brighton and Hove Festival with a mighty fireworks display. Grab your doughnuts and come on down!

Brighton Palace Pier, 21:30

6 Weeks of Summer in the City: XAMXAM
Aug 12th 2017


World Class Gambian drummer Musa Mboob with his band XamXam provide the perfect backdrop to summer sunshine!

Horatio's Family Bar, 15:00

6 Weeks of Summer in the City: Iron Tyger
Aug 19th 2017

Join us on Brighton Palace Pier for the fun and excitement of classic 80's rock! Iron Tyger will be covering such artists as Bon Jovi, Guns n' Roses and Queen!

Horatio's Family Bar, 15:00

Pier to Pier Swim
Jul 22nd 2017

Join us on Brighton Palace Pier to witness the annual Pier to Pier Swim, where England's oldest swimming club will compete in a wild race across the water! Get here early, grab a free deck chair. We've market stalls at the front and plenty of ice cream!

Brighton Palace Pier, 15:00

6 Weeks of Summer in the City: The Beatles Tribute
Aug 26th 2017

The Beatles Tribute Band remain faithful to the original Beatle recordings whilst still maintaining the excitement and energy of a live band. By using only authentic gear, The BEATLES with an A have no problem recreating that classic 60s sound.

Horatio's Family Bar, 15:00

Long Time Gone
Aug 28th 2017

Join Long Time Gone in Horatio's Bar for all the best that rock has to offer. Covers include Whitesnake, Motorhead, Bon Jovi!

Horatio's Bar, 15:00

Sep 2nd 2017

Known for having a soulful voice, Laura Vane sings many styles of music with her own distinctive style and energy. Her band is brilliant and they will definitely get Horatios rocking!

Horatio's Family Bar, 15:00

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