Wunderground and DMC presents DJ Blind Date

Dance music’s biggest jokers, Wunderground, are back at Brighton Music Conference this year and for 2017 they’ve taken the liberty of appointing themselves as chief-matchmaker of the conference, hosting the world’s first ever episode of ‘DJ Blind Date’ where groups of DJ’s battle it out against each other to win the love of their favourite promoter.

If this sounds unfamiliar, just imagine taking Cilla’s version of blind date, but throw in some technics, a CDJ, a host of gig-thirsty DJ’s, some melted chocolate, two hundred drunk industry heads and one very scared promoter and pushed it all into an old man's pub perched on the end of the iconic Brighton Pier, and you’ll have some idea of what to expect.


Free entrance for anybody that comes dressed as Cilla Black. £5 for everybody else...

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