Height Restrictions


Each of our rides has a minimum height you must be to ride find these in the tape measure stamp on the top right corner of each ride above. Also note some of our rides have a maximum height restrictions please check them out here.


To make it clear which wristband is accepted on each ride look out for the coloured stamps. 

Red - You need an Adult wristband (Please note that some of our Adult rides require customers who are 1.2m -1.4m to ride with a person 1.4m or above with a valid Adult wristband)

Green - You need a Kids wristband for these rides


Ride Price Min Height Max Height Type
Turbo Coaster £4.50 1.3m -- A
Air Race £4.50 1.2m -- A
Booster £6.00 1.4m 1.95m A
Carousel £2.50 0.9m -- A K
Helter Skelter £1.00 0.9 -- A
Crazy Mouse £4.50 1.2m -- A
The Waltzers £3.50 1.2m -- A
Galaxia £4.00 1m -- A K
Trampolines £3.00 0.9m -- A
Helter Skelter £1.00 0.9m 0 K
Galaxia £4.00 1m -- A
Trampolines £3.00 0.9m -- A K
Dodgems £3.00 1.2m -- A
Carousel £2.50 0.9m -- A
Wild River £4.50 1m -- A
Mega Slide £2.00 1m 1.5m K
Horror Hotel £4.00 1.1m -- A
Fantasia £2.00 0.9m 1.2m K
Twist £4.00 1.2m -- A
Cup 'n' Saucer £2.00 0.9m -- A K
Bouncy Castle £2.00 0.9m 1.5m K
Dragon Fly £2.00 -- 1.5m A K

Unlimited Rides

unlimited wristbands

Unlimited Rides Wristbands