Building The Pier

The new pier was originally named The Brighton Marine Palace and was designed by Richard St George Moore (1858 - 1926). Work started in the Palace Pier in November 1881 however the enormity of the project wasn't realised and the developers had to request permission from the government to allow extra time to complete the build. In 1896 disaster struck as a raging storm washed away the old Chain Pier causing serious damage to the partly built Palace Pier. The future of the Palace Pier was in question when The Marine Palace and Pier company admitted defeat and were looking to liquidate the company however at the last hour Sir James Howard offered financial help. Intensive building work continued for three years before the Palace Pier was finally opened in a grand ceremony on the 20th May 1899.

Maintaining Brighton Pier is a continuous operation which is managed on a daily basis by a maintenance team called Deck Hands. Painting Brighton Pier in its entirety takes three months to complete, this task is executed every year. Divers are employed to survey and maintain the steel substructure which supports the superstructure. Millions of pounds have been invested in the maintenance of Brighton Pier over the past decade. 

At 1,722 ft long and acknowledged as the finest pier ever built, Brighton Pier (a Grade 2* listed building) now offers all the swagger and style of tradition balanced with the pace and excitement of today.

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